A woman in order to beautiful, will do many things, such as plastic, surgery, injection, medicine, etc...how to have long eyelashes?Every woman knows basic use eyelash creams, vitamin E, eyelash growth liquid, which is better?Which is suitable for yourself?

If you search “ eyelashes”, the computer will show hundreds of thousands of pieces of information, there are many ways, perhaps you tried many methods, but basically no effect, recently a friend asked me: vitamin e can make eyelash longer, is this true?Some people think it is  work for eyelashes, but other people think it doesn't work. So what is truth?

Experts thinks  that vitamin E can make eyelashes longer, this is a kind of wrong,The growth of eyelashes related to heredity, race,The other method is not very good effect,If you use the vitamin E, feel eyelashes longer, it's just your psychological effect.If you use the vitamin E, but eyes skin fat granule, means that you didn't use the right method.The skin of the eye is very fragile.High concentration, pure oil supplements it won't be absorbed quickly.

If you want to have thick, long eyelashes, suggest you use LILASH eyelash growth serum,  can effectively improve your eyelashes, before buying, please consult customer service, and understand the product content, the correct method of use, using at least eight weeks, you will see the long, thick black lashes.

Vitamin E  Make Eyelashes Growth , Best Eyelash Growth Serum - LILASH

  • Aug 17, 2016
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