Lilash as a kind of fashion, new eyelash growth serum, it also have many comments on the market, any kind of product has positive and negative evaluation, as consumers, we need to correctly judge the value of products,today let we talk lilash uk reviews .

Sarah Ebner

This sounds like a very clever and useful product, especially for those who've over plucked in the past

Amy Shearman

This post is perfect for me, I'm growing out my overly plucked brows too and they are slowly but surely getting there but I need some oomph to help get them where I want them to be, I've not heard of this brand before so I'm going to check them out thank you x:)

Mellissa Williams

Interesting products if you have overplucked your brows and want to improve your lashes. My brows are dark and thick so I wouldn't need the brow serum but the eyelash one looks great.

Nafisah Atcha

I have to admit, I am not sure I would try these! xxx

Kate Thompson

I have a lot of allergies so am a bit nervous trying new products, but this sounds good. I have awful brows and would be keen to try this!These are real evaluation of the customer, if you are not sure, you can try to buy 1 box, we are sure that our product is really effective.

  • Aug 02, 2016
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